Advice and answers from the CourseCraft Team

The base pricing for CourseCraft is 5% of your sales. This amount is automatically sent to us during the transaction between you and your participant. The normal transaction fees for either Stripe or PayPal will apply too.

The base pricing entitles you to:

  • Up to 100 participants per course
  • Up to 1GB of uploads per course

If you would like to enable Custom Branding, your fees will increase by 4%.

Upgrading Your Course to Pro

Upgrading your course to Pro will give you some added benefits that a regular course doesn't have.

  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Set a custom URL (ex:
  • Ability to bundle with other Pro courses
  • Custom branding with no extra fees

The upgrade costs a one-time payment of $49 per course and your course will have these perks forever. The standard 5% fee still applies (but it won't increase to %9 when you enable custom branding).

Read about Pro courses in detail.

Can I offer my course for free?

You can absolutely offer your course for free! If you don't charge anything for your course, no transaction fees will be charged. The free usage limits described above apply, so you might still consider upgrading to Pro.

Please keep in mind that it is against our terms & conditions to circumvent the payment system. This means that if you offer a course for free, it must be genuinely free and you must not accept payment for the course through another channel.

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