There are 3 ways to set a price for your course. You can do things the typical way by charging a one-time payment, you can set up instalment payments to be paid monthly or you can make your course free.

Configure Your Payment Provider

The first thing you'll want to do is connect your payment provider so you can receive payments directly into your account. Configure your Stripe or PayPal account on the pricing page of your course. This is also where you'll set the currency you'd like to charge.

Quick Start!
Watch this quick video that demonstrates how the various pricing options work: 


One-Time Payment

This is the usual way to do things and most people will set only a one-time payment for their course. This means that the participant pays once and then has access to the course once the payment is completed. On the pricing page of your course, add a one-time payment option and set a price.

Payment Plans (Stripe only)

Setting up a payment plan can be used in many different situations. If your course is expensive you might want to give people an option to pay for it in smaller chunks. You might also be releasing content on a regular basis and want to charge your participants a monthly fee for that. To create a payment plan, on the pricing page of your course choose the payment plan option and set an amount and number of monthly payments.

Pay What You Want

With this interesting pricing option, students can choose what they pay for your course. You set a minimum price that you're willing to accept and a suggested amount. Then the student can choose what they pay.


A free course can be a great way to get people on your mailing list. If you'd like your course to be free, just choose the free option on your course's pricing page.

Mixing it Up

You don't have to choose just one pricing option. You can set a one-time payment for your course and also give participants the option to pay in instalments. If you have a free course, it doesn't really make sense to also have a payment option though.

Your Landing Page

What your landing page enrollment buttons look like will depend on which pricing options you've chose. You're free to talk about your pricing options more (and you should!) in the body of your landing page. Here are a few examples of what things can look like:

One-Time Payment

Payment Plan


One-Time Payment + Payment Plan

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