It would be amazing if everyone who was interested in your course just signed up immediately- but that's not how things work! So that's where lead capture comes in. You can gather a list of people who seem interested in your course so you can follow up later, let them know when your course is open or just keep in touch.

Leads come from 2 places:

  • Viewing a free sample lesson

  • Opting in on the landing page before the course is open

Leads from Free Sample Lessons

A free sample lesson is a great way to show prospective students what your course is like. They can try before they commit to buying. In order to view a free sample lesson, students will need to enter their name and email address. Then they'll show up on your leads list. This is a great way to see who was interested enough to view the free lesson but for some reason didn't make the purchase. Export the csv of leads so you can follow up by email or add them to a special newsletter list.

Leads from Your Landing Page

Enroll buttons on your landing page do double duty. Before your course is open they can be used to capture leads. After you're course is open they switch to being enroll buttons. It all happens automatically so you don't have to re-work your landing page much after your course opens. Promotion doesn't have to start when your course opens, you can start anytime! Set up your landing page to tell people about your course and ask them to enter their email address to get notified when it starts. This is also great for courses that open on a specific date. You can build a list of people who have shown interest in your course, then send an email (and maybe a special promo code) when your course opens!

Here's an example of a lead capture form the landing page. Be sure to customize your text - even the button wording can be changed!

Leads List

Find your list of leads by clicking manage in your course's sidebar and then leads list. This is also where you can enable/disable lead capture. If you don't want to collect leads, just switch the toggle at the top of the page to disable.

Why doesn't my lead capture form work?

If your lead capture form isn't showing up, it's probably because lead capture is disabled for your course. If you created your course before we introduced this feature, then it would be disabled by default. Just head to the leads list page under the manage section of your course and enable lead capture at the top of the page.

Why did a lead disappear from my list?

Congratulations! If you noticed a lead on your list and then it disappeared, that means they are no longer a lead - they are a customer! Once a lead enrolls in your course, they move to the participant list.

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