There are 5 ways to publish your lessons/posts:

1. Manually

Publish your lessons any time you want on your own schedule. This option works great if you have an "evergreen" type course where participants are constantly enrolling and will have access to all the course material immediately. Once you're done writing, just set all the lessons to 'publish' and you're done!

2. Specific Date

This one is pretty straight forward too, just pick a date and the lesson will automatically be published on that date in your time zone. This option makes things easy for people who have a course that runs for a certain number of weeks and the lessons are released over that time period.

3. Time After Enrollment

The 'time after enrollment' option let's you drip feed lessons a certain number of days or weeks after the participant has enrolled. You can get creative with this option and make a new lesson available to your students each week or even every day.

4. Free Sample Lesson

In order to view a free sample lesson, students will need to enter their name and email address. Then they'll show up on your leads list. This is a great way to see who was interested enough to view the free lesson but for some reason didn't make the purchase. Export the csv of leads so you can follow up by email or add them to a special newsletter list.

5. Pinned Posts (Memberships Only)

There's a final publishing option for membership posts which will allow you to ensure they always stay at the top of the membership post list -- they'll always be first no matter what else you publish. This is a good way to post a 'Welcome' post to new subscribers, for example.

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