Custom Domains are a Society feature! Make sure you're subscribed in order to set up your custom domain.

If you want to set up a custom domain for your courses, it's a good idea to first familiarize yourself with what all that means! Roots, domains, subdomains... it can all get a little confusing. If you already know all about this, skip to the "Setting up Your Custom Domain" section.

Your Current Profile & Course URLs

As it is now, your courses are using the CourseCraft domain name. Your profile URL looks a little something like this:

And the URL for one of your courses looks like this:

Using a Custom Domain

If you own your own domain name already, you can start using that domain for your courses too! You'll choose a subdomain and have all your courses under that. With a custom domain set up, your profile URL will look something like this:

The "school" part is the subdomain for your courses and the "" part is your domain name. Your course URLs will look something like this:

Sounds pretty good right? So how do you set this up?

Setting up Your Custom Domain

  1. Go to your Creator Profile under the Account menu in the upper right.

  2. Under Customize Profile URL click the Custom Domain Setup button.

  3. Find the instructions for your specific provider during the setup process or just use the general instructions. They'll show you how to set up a new CNAME record for your courses that points to (Ex:

  4. Enter your domain in the field and click save. It usually only takes a few minutes to set things up. You'll see the status change from "pending" to "active" on your creator profile settings.

  5. Next you'll want to make sure you have custom URLs for your courses set up.

  6. Head to the promote section of your course and edit your course URL.

  7. Start pointing people to your new URLs! The old ones will still work so you don't have to worry about broken links if you've already shared your course.

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