Your accountant says you need to charge 13% sales tax to buyers in a certain location. They also said those buyers should have this tax listed on their receipts. Let's set that up!

First, be sure you're subscribed to the Society plan!

Where is the tax configuration page? 

  • From the dashboard, click the 'edit' button for your course.

  • Next click 'advanced' in the left sidebar.

  • Now click 'Sales Tax' 

  • You will be on a page that looks like this: 

How do I set up tax rates?

It's so easy! Click 'Add new tax rate', and you'll see this popup:

Choose the desired country, and a set of regions will appear if applicable. You can choose one of those, or choose to have the rate apply to all regions.

Enter in the rate as a percentage (decimals are ok) and a reasonable name (this will be shown to buyers during checkout and on receipts), and click 'Done'.

Here I've entered Ontario's 13% HST. Repeat this process to add as many tax rates as you need for all countries and regions you want to collect tax for. 

What do I do with the sales tax I collect? 

With CourseCraft, you will be paid directly by customers. The payments are never held or handled by us. This means we don't have the collected tax, you do! Speak to your accountant to be sure you're handling it appropriately. 

What if there is overlap?

If you set up taxes rates so that two tax rates apply to a buyer (for instance if I set up another rate for Canada and chose 'All Regions'), then both will apply. They will be listed separately during checkout and on receipts.

What does the buyer see? 

The buyer's location is used to determine which rate(s) apply to them. During checkout and on receipts they will see a summary of their purchase with the appropriate line items for taxes. Here's an example using my HST configuration above:

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