Zapier allows you to connect and automate tasks between various third-party applications and your CourseCraft account:

  • Mailing list providers 

  • CRM products like Intercom, Salesforce, or HubSpot

  • Messaging/communication apps such as Slack 

  • Spreadsheet tools such as Google Docs

  • And many others

Zapier has both free and paid plans. The free plan allows up to 100 actions per month, which would allow you to handle up to 100 enrollments in your course(s).


Getting started is easy! From the dashboard click 'edit' for a course, then 'advanced' in the left sidebar, and finally 'Zapier Integration'.

Next click 'Set up Zapier'. This will generate an API Key for your account which you will need to give Zapier later in the process.

The CourseCraft Zapier app is not publicly available at this time, so click 'Get Access'. This will let you login/signup with Zapier and accept the invitation to the application:

Now you'll need to choose what sort of zap you want to build (you can add more later, too). Choose one of the supported options: 

Next click 'Connect Account' and enter in the API key from the Zapier setup page on CourseCraft when prompted: 

This will do a check with CourseCraft to make sure all is well. If you see a section like this, then so far so good:

Make sure that account is selected and continue. Next you'll be presented with some example data. Feel free to look through these to get an idea of what sort of info you'll have to work with in your zap.

It doesn't really matter which you choose since you'll get appropriate/similar real data when someone actually enrolls in your course.

The next bit is up to you, what sort of zap do you want to create? Create an action using your favorite third party app that you want to send enrollment info to. If you're just experimenting you might add it to a spreadsheet or send yourself an email for example.

Finally don't forget to turn on your zap!

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