Memberships are a Society feature! Make sure you're subscribed in order to create a membership.

What is a membership?

Memberships are made up of courses and posts. Participants can subscribe to your membership and pay monthly for access to specified courses and any posts you write for your members.

What payment gateways are supported?

Right now, we only support Stripe for memberships. But getting a Stripe account is easy and they are a great company!

How long does a membership last?

A membership is ongoing. The monthly payment can last indefinitely until either the participant cancels or you archive the membership.

How can a participant cancel/edit their membership?

On the membership page, there is a 'manage subscription' button in the right side-bar. There, you can update payment info, pay for the next month ahead of time and cancel your membership. You'll also be able to view previous membership payments.

Can I add new courses to membership at any time?

Yes! You can add new courses to your membership anytime you want and participants who are already subscribed will get access to the new courses as well as new signups going forward.

Can I change the price of my membership at any time?

Yes! You can change the price of your membership at any time. Only new participants will pay the new price.

Can I create different tiers for my membership?

No, you won't have the ability to create different membership tiers. We designed the memberships feature to be easy to use to help you get up and running quickly. If you'd like to create a different offering, you can create a second membership.

Tell me more about memberships!

I'm so glad you asked! Here's a quick overview of how memberships work and how you can very easily create your own.

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