Private course have restricted access and can only be viewed after entering an access code. The course also won't appear on your profile. When you set a course to private an access code will be generated, which you can then give to people. You can find this setting on the 'landing page' tab of your course under 'advanced settings'.

Minimum Price

A private course has a minimum price of $25. This is to prevent circumvention of our payment system. If you want the course to be private and free to the participant, set your course to private and pre-purchase seats.

If you're subscribed to the Society plan, there is no minimum price.

Combining with Pre-paid Seats

If you have pre-paid seats then a participant visiting the course using a seat code URL (eg: will not have to enter the access code, so there's no need to bother giving it to them. Basically, if they have a seat code URL it's assumed they should be able to view the course.

Did this change!?

Late 2016 we changed how this works. It used to be called 'secret courses' and encompassed both private and pre-paid seats. Now they are separate. If you had purchased private course seats they have been converted to pre-paid seats with the same code as your private course access code. Please contact support if you have any questions about this.

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