This is a Society feature! Make sure you're subscribed in order to add a collaborator.

The Collaborators feature allows you to add friends and colleagues to help you with your course. You can do anything from working with a partner to recruiting different people to write each lesson.

Here are the basic steps to add a collaborator:

  1. Ask your friend to sign up for a CourseCraft account. A collaborator must first have an account with us.

  2. Head to the 'edit' section of your course and choose 'advanced'.

  3. Choose 'manage collaborators' from the icons.

  4. Type your friend's email address into the email field and click 'add collaborator'.

  5. Once your first collaborator is added, you'll see them in the list with the status of 'pending'.

  6. You collaborator will receive an email letting them know you want to work with them. It will direct them to their dashboard where they will see your course listed. They may accept or reject the invitation.

  7. Once the invitation is accepted, you can work together! You'll both have equal access to the course with 2 exceptions; collaborators will only be able to view promo codes and not edit them, and collaborators can't add other collaborators.

On your dashboard, you'll be able to see who is collaborating with you. Your collaborator's avatars will be visible under the course they're working on.

Collaborators FAQ

Why can't I add a new collaborator?

If you're having trouble adding a new collaborator, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • that person does not have a CourseCraft account (you must have a CourseCraft account to be added to a course)

  • the email address you're typing is incorrect or spelled wrong (make sure you're typing the exact email address your friend signed up with)

  • you've reached the maximum number of collaborators (if you need to add more, please contact support)

  • the person you're trying to add rejected your request in the past (if they accidentally rejected, please contact support)

Is there a difference between being the course creator and being a collaborator?

Yes, there are a few differences. A collaborator will not be able to edit promo codes, only view them. They also won't be able to add new collaborators. Only the original course creator can edit promo codes and add collaborators.

Who gets notification emails?

  • Emails about new enrollments will go to the original course creator.

  • Comment notification emails will go the original course creator unless there is an author set on the lesson. In that case, the email goes to the author of that lesson.

What happens if 2 collaborators try to edit the same lesson at the same time?

If you try to edit a lesson that one of your fellow collaborators is already working on, you'll see a 'locked for editing' screen. This screen tells you that someone else is editing the lesson and you won't be able to make your changes until they are done.

Can I add a collaborator that I don't know?

You can technically add anyone that has a CourseCraft account, but they can also reject your request. It will come across as spammy and weird if you add a stranger as a collaborator. If you really want to work with someone, get in contact with that person first to have a conversation.

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