Forms are a Club feature! Make sure you're subscribed in order to create a form.

Just like adding any other media to your lessons, you'll see a row of buttons under the text box. To add a form, start by clicking the +form button.

Then you can begin adding items to your form. Right now we have 'short answer', 'multiple choice' and 'file upload' to choose from.

Short Answer: gives the participant a text box where they can type an answer to your question.

Multiple Choice: participants can choose their answer from a list you provide. You can specify whether they can choose only one answer or multiple answers.

File Upload: gives the participant a spot to upload a file (like a PDF or an image) up to 100MB.

What does a form look like?

This is what that example form would look like to a participant. As always, the buttons in the form will be your custom branding colours if you have that feature enabled. In this case I've chosen to restrict the submissions to only once. I'll cover that next!

Form Options

As with most sections in lessons, you can click the little gear icon on the right side of it to view any other options it might have. In this case, you can set a title for your form (optional) and choose to restrict submissions to once. If you lock after submission, that means a participant can only fill out the form once. If it's not locked, they will be able to submit the form as many times as they want.

What happens when someone fills out my form?

When someone submits a form in your course, you'll get an email notification about it.

You can view your form submissions by visiting the manage section of your course and then clicking forms in the left sidebar. Choose a form to view a list of all submissions and click on a specific submission to see what that participant said.

When reviewing a form entry, you'll have the option to give feedback on each answer. You can also choose to mark an answer correct or incorrect. When you submit the feedback, your student will get an email about it.

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