Promo codes can be created and shared with people in order to give them a discount on the price of you course.

You'll find the promo codes page under the 'promote' section while editing.

Here's some interesting info about promo codes:

  • Promo codes are case insensitive! 'SALE' is the same as 'sale'.

  • During the transaction, your participant will be prompted to enter a promo code if they have one.

  • Promo codes apply to the entire transaction (including add-ons and future monthly installments when using payment plans). 

  • On the 'promote -> share' page while editing, you can generate a special link that includes the promo code.

  • Promo codes can be applicable to one specific course or all your courses.

  • Use the 'edit' button next to the code to make changes at any time. 

  • The 'delete' button will only work if that particular code hasn't been used by anyone yet.

  • If you want to deactivate a promo code, you can uncheck the box on the left side and it will no longer be valid.

  • 100%-off promo codes are not supported. You can use pre-paid seats instead.

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