You want to give a participant 100%-off! Why? Maybe:

  • it's a friend of yours

  • you want to help someone who can't afford the course

  • you're giving access to colleagues/people inside your company

  • you're running a giveaway

  • you want to use a totally separate payment system (such as Groupon, or your own website) to sell enrollments

All of these are good reasons to use pre-paid seats!

How does it work?

It's easy! The participant just needs the seat code URL. This can be found in the promote section of your course on the pre-paid seats page. Click the 'copy link' button, or click the seat code itself to get the URL.

Your course comes with 5 free pre-paid seats. If you just want to give away a couple enrollments, use the existing seat code. Otherwise you can either add uses to an existing seat code, or make new seat codes.

Send the link to the participant and they'll be guided through the usual enrollment process except they won't have to pay for the course (add-ons are still extra).

How much do they cost?

Seat codes cost $3 per credit. The minimum purchase of seat codes is $15 worth. If you are subscribed to the Society plan, pre-paid seats are free! Make as many as you like.

Click the + create code(s) button and you'll get a popup like this:

On the left you decide how many individual codes you want to create (a code is a string of 6 upper case characters like ABCDEF). On the right you decide how many uses the new code should have.

Say you leave it as is in the screenshot above. You might end up with a list of seat codes like this:

Once you have a seat code (or codes) are created, click the code to see the URL:

You can also take a shortcut and click the 'Copy Link' button in the seat codes table.

Give the link to the participant and you're done! If a participant uses a seat code, you'll see this info in your stats.

What if my course is private?

A private course requires an access code to view the landing page, but giving someone a seat code URL is implicitly giving them direct access to the course, so the access code is not needed (there's no point in even mentioning it to the participant). You can still provide the access code to others along with the regular share URL for the course, and they'll need the code to see the landing page and will have to pay as usual.

Exporting Seat Codes (CSV)

You can get a CSV export of all your seat codes by clicking the export button near the top.

Auto-recharge (Coming Soon?)

Wouldn't it be handy to be able to set a specific seat code to auto-recharge when it get low? Let us know if this is something you'd find useful!

Did this change!?

Late 2016 we changed how this works. It used to be called 'secret courses' and encompassed both private and pre-paid seats. Now they are separate. If you had purchased private course seats they have been converted to pre-paid seats with the same code as your private course access code. Please contact support if you have any questions about this.

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