This is a Club feature! Be sure that you're subscribed to create a bundle.

A course bundle is a group of 2 or more courses sold together. A bundle has its own title, cover photo, price, landing page and promo codes. Bundled courses are great for people who have a series of courses that they'd like to offer as one package. It also makes it easier and more enticing to sign up for multiple courses at once.

Once you've created at least 2 courses, you'll see a new tab in the sidebar on your dashboard called "bundled courses".

On the bundled courses page you'll be able to create a bundle the same way you would create a course. After you've given your bundle a title (this can be changed later if you want) you'll see the bundle edit page. This is where you can set the title, price and cover photo for your bundle.

On the 'Courses' tab, you can add courses to your bundle. To add a course, choose the name from the drop-down list and click 'Add Course'.

Along with the title, price, and cover photo, each bundle has its own landing page, promo codes and URL. Just like your courses, you can customize your bundle's URL. Below is an example of what a bundle landing page looks like. You can find the URL for this page on the 'share' tab.

What happens when someone enrolls in my bundle?

When someone enrolls in your bundle, they will automatically be enrolled in each course contained in the bundle. They will get an email confirming that they have enrolled the courses and each course will be listed on their dashboard individually. The participant's name and information will be added to the stats page of each course they're enrolled in.

Can I change the course list?

You can change the course list until someone enrolls in the bundle. After that, courses can't be added or removed.

Can I change the price after someone has enrolled?

Yes, you can change the price of your bundle at any time. It won't affect anyone who has already made the purchase.

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