Got someone helping you promote your course? Want to give them some incentive? Add them as an affiliate and specify the % they earn, then whenever someone uses their special link the enrollment will be attributed to them. Easy!

First, head to the promote → affiliates page for your course and put in the affiliates email address - they need to have a CourseCraft account first!

The potential affiliate with receive an email and have a new page on their dashboard for course affiliations. They'll have a chance to accept or reject the request.

Assuming they accept, you will both have access to a page that looks like this:

(obviously only the creator has the ability to change their percentage or pay the affiliate!)

They just need to share that big link at the top, and all sales as a result of it will be attributed to them. Depending on their percentage (which can be changed at any time), their current balance will creep upwards until you decide to pay them out. You might do this monthly, for example.

If they have connected their Stripe account in their profile, you can pay them via your stored credit card on CourseCraft. If not, or if you just prefer not to pay via credit card, you can always just tell CourseCraft that you've paid them some other way (maybe you mailed them a cheque, or sent them money via PayPal, etc). Either way records are kept about the payout and their balance starts over.

Easy as that!

Affiliates FAQ

Why can't I add an affiliate?

If you're having trouble adding an affiliate, it could be for a few reasons:

  • that person does not have a CourseCraft account (you must have a CourseCraft account to be added to a course)

  • the email address you're typing is incorrect or spelled wrong (make sure you're typing the exact email address your affiliate signed up with)

  • the person you're trying to add rejected your request in the past (if they accidentally rejected, please contact support)

  • you aren't subscribed to the Society plan

  • When you invite someone to be an affiliate, they will get an email.

  • When you pay out an affiliate, they will get an email.

  • When you pay out an affiliate via credit card, you'll get a receipt.

The last link clicked takes precedence.

What happens when I change their percentage earned?

Actually, not much! The percentage is used to calculate how much will be paid (or marked as paid if paying outside the system), but isn't locked in when participants enrolled. So, basically it's just helping you do the math. If you owe the affiliate $10 at 10%, and you change the percentage to 5% before doing the payout, you'll all of the sudden owe them only $5. That means you could even set it to 0% and simply wait to determine their percentage until later - maybe the more sales they make, the higher the percentage, etc. It's up to you!

Can my affiliates be paid automatically/immediately upon enrollment?

Not at this time. Because the participant is paying you directly (the funds are never handled by CourseCraft), they can't be paid immediately by our system. We may add the ability to schedule payments in the future, but it would only work with affiliates who have connected Stripe. Contact us if you'd like this option.

What about add-ons?

Add-ons are considered part of the course and the total price paid is used to calculate the commission for the affiliate. So if your affiliate has a 10% commission, and someone bought your course for $100 and an add-on for $15, the affiliate will get $11.50.

What about promo codes?

Like add-ons, promo codes affect the price paid, so they also affect commission earned. If you have an affiliate with 10% commission, and the course is $100 discounted to $50, the affiliate will get $5.

Does the affiliate system work with bundles?

Yes! Everything is pretty much the same except that the bundle sidebar is organized differently. The affiliates page is just right there below promo codes.

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